About Mumbai

About Mumbai

about-mumbaiWhen the name Mumbai comes up to the people, each one has a different perception of this city. Some call it a city of dreams, for some it is a glamorous place, others just think it is full of traffic jams and slums. Mumbai is also one of the largest commercial cities in India. Many industries have made it a home for decades. Information Technologies is one of them. One of the biggest IT companies TCS headquarters in this metropolitan. Navi Mumbai, a suburban area developed near Mumbai is home to a lot of IT and ITES companies. Many of them are multinational and others are homegrown large IT companies. These companies have created huge employment opportunities for young people which has led to the migration of skilled people from other states and cities. The growing population of the city has fueled the demand for ancillary services and created a booming economy of the metropolis. One of the major sectors which have emerged as a winner is digital technologies. A lot of homegrown small-sized digital companies are offering services to other businesses. Website development, mobile application development, e-commerce websites, customized software, and digital marketing are in huge demand.

about-mumbaiMy memories of this city have been a colorful canvas that has shades of joy, delicious food, travel hard work, and peace. Yes, you read it right. Not many people will agree with this description of Mumbai. But there is a place within the boundaries of city limits, which offers calm, greenery and pure air. Sanjay Gandhi National park is a tranquil and green piece of land existing in the middle of the turmoil of a cosmopolitan city. It offers a peaceful experience with herds of Deer's walking past you once you are inside the national park. It is home to a growing population of Monkeys, birds, and leopards who roaming freely inside the park.

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