What is Chabot's and why are they important?

What is Chabot's and why are they important?

What-Is-Chabot's-And-Why-Are-They-Important The world we are living in right now is fast & real-time, where almost everything is available with a click, consumers expect from businesses the information they are looking quickly and easily. If they are not able to do so, they get frustrated and move to a competitor which is offering a better online experience. Chatbots are a good example of day to day task automation and a very effective tool for attending the standard queries while saving a lot of money on human resources.

A chatbot is a software powered by Artificial Intelligence capabilities that simulates a chat with a user through a website, mobile application, software, or messaging apps. In simple words, it is virtual assistance that improves the interaction between humans and machines. It is one of the many tools designed to facilitate the conversation and automate routine query management.

The most common uses of a chatbot that consumers expect are

  1. A solution to a problem or complaint
  2. Fast answers to a question in an emergency
  3. Detailed explanations and answers

The real and effective use of a chatbot is somewhere in the above points. Businesses need to build the chatbot considering the growing frustration and tendency of the consumers. And if it does not provide the answers, a consumer is looking for then the chatbot should be able to connect him/her to a human.

Why Chatbots are important- –
Chatbot programs are designed to enhance the communication between humans and computers at the time of availing services or buying a product. It enhances the overall customer service experience at the same time opening new doors of opportunities for increasing the customer engagement process and bringing down the customer service cost.
To be successful, a chatbot solution should be able to address the concern areas in both the field – Bringing down the cost and enhancing the overall customer service experience. However, the human touch in this overall process cannot be eliminated as this helps the chatbot program to keep improving by articulating the questions and their answers.

Essential features of chatbot applications –
Before finalizing the chatbot application, ensure that it matches the communication goal of your company. Below are a few features for a good chatbot -

1. Built-in common features

2. A lot of time & headache can be saved by opting for a chatbot application which already has capabilities to answer some basic questions and common customer relate queries. An application from the same industry or environment helps you do that. Building it from scratch will consume a lot of time and energy for your and the team.

3. Artificial reasoning-

4. A chatbot developed with this reasoning can do much without requiring human intervention. This capability allows it to solve problems without needing to involve your other team members. An example of this kind of reasoning would be a chatbot deducing solutions for a customer based on other relevant interactions it has had.

5. Language flexibility-

6. You will want anapplication that interacts in the same language as your customer. By having a chatbot with the same conversational maturity as your customers, you can be sure that it’s interacting with your customers on their level.

7. Also, with natural language understanding, chatbots will do a better job of identifying customer intent and can even seek out information to better assist your customers, such as asking clarifying questions.

8. Emotional intelligence-

9. The best chatbots can understand a customer's tone and sentiment during a conversation. With this ability, they can give a more personalized user experience. Also, emotionally intelligent chatbots will know when it's time to transfer the customer to a human supported customer service.

10. Cross-platform capabilities-

11. Ensure that you can use your chatbot application across any of your communication channels. If it ready to be deployed across platforms, a chatbot can interact on any channel while retaining its data for a better user experience.

As we progress in the future, the chatbot application will keep on evolving and become a part of the first point of interaction between businesses and customers. There is huge potential in artificial intelligence-driven chatbot applications for digital marketing and online shopping.

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