Top 5 Advantages offered by SEO for your business

Top 5 Advantages offered by SEO for your business?

What-Is-Chabot's-And-Why-Are-They-Important Small business owners are facing unprecedented business challenges posed by the pandemic today such as reduced demand, shrinking rates, and increased operating costs. Creating a new market for yourself is the need of the hour and the most obvious solution is to take your business online. It sounds quite easy however, the lack of technical know-how can make it a daunting task.

The first step in this direction is to create a website that is discoverable, easy to navigate, and provides the right kind of information to the user. More and more your customers are using digital ways to shop and you should be present where your customers are. Merely having a website does not help you to reach out to your customers, SEO is the necessary step in this direction to make it discoverable. In this fast-changing world, the tools and tactics of doing business are changing quickly. No business can afford to ignore the digital ways of serving its customers today.

Yet, the above facts do not stop people from starting a new business and strive for its success. A little bit of careful planning and understanding the market dynamics can change the game for a small business. Let us look at the top reasons responsible for a small business failure

What is SEO?

As the name itself suggests, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of making your website accessible for search engines like google. So that Google can find, store and correctly display it to your users. If your website is not optimized to search engines, it will not appear in the search results of a user who is looking for your business. SEO is very simple yet very thoughtful and it demands a very skilled search engine optimizer to work on your website. SEO can also be considered as a set of guidelines to be followed regularly to be able to stay visibletoall the stakeholders. Google and other search engines keep on improvising on their search algorithm for a better user experience that means it makes your SEO process to be more efficient and adapt.

Let us look at the top 5 advantages offered by the SEO process for your business –

1. Better user experience – A website that is optimized for the search engines will obviously, create a much better user experience for the site visitors. In turn, it will increase the probability of the user coming back to the site. Few factors that make the user experience better are fast loading website, easy navigation, texts that are right-sized, etc. It does not necessarily mean more leads but it will rank better and increase the chances of showing on top of the SERPs.

2. Attract visitorsand increase traffic – One of the major advantages of the SEO process is to increase the traffic to the website. There is growing competition in the online marketplace as well. Your business needs to stand out among the crowd so that you get maximum people enquiring. SEO helps in doing so. If your website is properly indexed and ranked by search engines, it will automatically appear in the search results of your potential customers.

3. More leads and more conversion –The relation between traffic, lead, and conversion is very clear. They are directly proportional. Remember the basic sales funnel principle taught in the sales training rooms. The higher the traffic, the higher is the lead count which means more customer conversion. With the help of the right keywords and content, your website is appearing on top of SERPs of your potential customers.

4. Building confidence among customers – A more visible website on the internet means a more trusted brand. This factor cannot be ignored in your digital strategy. SEO is a slow process and you need to be persistent in your efforts, after a point in time, your customers will have better confidence in your business.

5. Lower Cost- Promoting your business through advertisements and paid media can be costly and seriously dent your marketing budget. SEO is a slow but very cost-friendly process for making your business visible to your target customer group. Search engines give preference to the content which is properly arranged and worth reading, hence, initially you may have to spend a little more on content and optimization, but once you are done with it, you just have to maintain it.

SEO would have been easy and simple if it needs to be done once in a lifetime. It is a continuous and evolving process that makes it a tedious task and requires a skilled subject matter expert who looks into it all the time. Expecting results overnight through SEO is not right, instead, give time to this process and you will be amazed with the progress after a while.