Top Trends & Technologies That Will Transform Web Development

Top Trends & Technologies That Will Transform Web Development

Top-Trends-&-Technologies-That-Will-Transform-Web-Development The issue with technology is that it keeps evolving as human's continuous endeavor to improvise on the work we did last. Web development is no different from this trend. The evolution of consumer's habit of using the internet has pushed developers across the world to keep on innovating the web development trends and technologies which aim to better the user experience every time.

This rush to innovate or adapt to the latest technology has created issues with companies. It pushes the investment cost to a new level. If not acted on time, there is a fear of losing out the competitive edge which took years to acquire. Another aspect is to keep training the manpower resources who are keen on learning new technologies. Human resources become an important element in this chain, as there will always be fewer people who would be knowing the latest technology.

Let us look at the top picks from trends and technologies which will make a difference to the web development scenario in the coming years –

1. Voice-based search will be in demand – The world has just begun to realize the convenience and comfort offered by voice-based search, so it is just the beginning of an age that is going to last longer. The growth of digital voice assistants in every smartphone is a testimony to the above fact (Siri, Google assistance). Other than smartphones, there are voice search based speakers already making noise in the gadgets market. Also, apart from the convenience, voice-based search offers inclusion for differently-abled people in society.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Our life is constantly affected by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning every day through the internet and we do not even realize it. The ability of a program to input data, analyze it and make a decision basis that analysis and further improvise the system to improve efficiency is called ML (Machine Learning). This quality has enormous potential in the web technology space. Imagine, a healthcare system processes a large amount of patient data without intervention from developers and comes out with the analysis that there is a possibility of a next pandemic with details such as when it can likely happen, what disease it could be, etc. Similarly, the potential it offers in web-based technology to assess the e-commerce trends, demand, and supply roadblocks. It can fuel a revolution in the digital commerce space in the time to come.

3. Technology related to data security – As more and more people are adopting digital mediums, the vulnerability of their data is increasing. Cybercriminals are in constant search for user's data including financial information through illicit means. Once stolen, it can cause irreparable harm to the reputation and can cost heavily to the users. Companies are constantly working on solutions to protect the data and privacy of their users. Organizations that are sensitive to this issue and able to protect their customer data are gaining the trust of getting loyal customers. It is an important factor for the people while deciding their e-commerce platform. Password encryptions, security certificates, secure servers, etc. will be in high demand in the years to come.

4. Chatbots – Chatbots are an excellent example of automation tools for routine work. A lot of businesses require to be open round the clock and operate different geographies with various time zones. A chatbot solution powered by AI capabilities can do wonders for a dynamic business. It can manage initial queries in a sophisticated manner without putting the load in the existing manpower resources. Pre feed answers to the FAQs can help reduce the incoming query load on the company server. It is quick, easy, and economical to deploy an efficient chatbot on the website and gives a progressive look to the visitors.

5. Responsive website – We know newer technologies are on the rise for website development, but the power and flexibility offered by responsive web technology will only be increasing with optimization to all screen types. It used to be the desired one earlier, but now it has transformed into a must-have technology.

Keeping an eye on the emerging trends and technologies gives an edge over the competitor. It offers the first-mover advantage to companies that want to reap the benefits early. As a company, you should be aware of the best practices and solutions available in the market and whether your website is compatible with them.