8 Important E-Commerce TrendsTo WatchThis Year

8 Important E-commerce TrendsTo WatchThis Year

8-Important-E-Commerce-Trends-To-Watch-This-Yea Ecommerce started dominating the shopping landscape in early 2000 in India. The retail and tourism sectors are one of the early adaptors and influencers of e-commerce technology across business segments. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in terms of revenue and new job creation. E-commerce marketing is the most evolved form of marketing that employs the latest tools and methods. This sector is getting fiercely competitive and user experience is one of the top priorities of e-commerce companies. They need to be on their toes and keep an eye on the emerging trends.

What are the emerging top trends?

The availability of cheap telecomdata has fueled the growth of e-commerce which has further given rise to many trends for this sector. A lot of new trends come and go, but there are a few trends that stay. Let us look at the major trends dominating this sector.

1. Rise of Mobile Devices – The exponential rise of mobile devices has stoked a frenzy in the e-commerce space. That means these devices have made shopping so convenient right at a click of a button. In this digital world, everyone is using a mobile or a tablet today. This has created an explosion in demand for mobile application development. A mobile app takes the shopping experience to another level and in turn, creates a host of high-impact marketing levers for smart business owners. Unlike traditional marketing for a retail store, pay-per-click marketing has brought down the cost substantially. It is going to be the preferred choice of shoppers, hence, top e-commerce companies are investing in a mobile-first shopping strategy heavily.

2. Offers and Discount Engine – Integrating an effective offer and discount module to your e-commerce website or mobile application, you can attract price-sensitive shoppers. The E-commerce space will be dominated by good offers and discount tactics and therefore, it will attract investment. Identifying the need of the shopper and creating an opportunity to float the right kind of offer will create a loyal customer. .

3. Overall Shopping Experience –It is all about the shopping experience created for your customers nowadays. For example, there is a flood of women's clothing e-commerce platforms in the market, however, apart from price, the most important factor for your customers is the buying experience that they have on your website or mobile application. A buying experience consists of many important factors such as the speed of your website, payment methods and ease of transaction completion, the overall design of your mobile application or e-commerce website, the real worth of offers and discounts shown, return and shipping policy, etc

4. Personalization- With the help of the latest tools and technologies, it is possible to personalize the shopping experience of your customers. For example, once, the shopper is on your e-commerce website or mobile application, he or she can be notified about the last shopping item bought and suggesting new products based on the same. Ecommerce companies are working and investing in this direction relentlessly. Because personalization helps in converting a regular shopper into loyal a customer. As we see growth in the e-commerce space, we will see brands focusing on personalization and make it one of the top priorities.

5. New Payment options - As the e-commerce scenario is changing and growing so are the payment methods and the convenience associated with it. A good e-commerce platform cannot afford to ignore the various payment options available in the market. A suitable payment method is known to have influenced the purchase decision. Booming options such as ‘Buy now pay later’ works wonder for high-value shopping items like mobile phones, etc. An e-commerce business needs to evaluate all the payment methods and possible tie-ups with the financial institutions for ease of customers.

6. Role of Social Media - A large percentage of shoppers are active social media users and influencers. Social media contribute a lot in shaping up the perception about a brand or a business. These mediums will evolve as an extended e-commerce platform and will contribute to sales directly or indirectly. Shoppers review, rate, and advise the products on these platforms and influence the decision in more than one way. A call for action triggers can be smartly placed on social media platforms to drive sales.

7. Use of Videos for marketing - The best way to share information with your customers is to make it visually appealing. And Videos are the best way right now for this purpose. There are a lot of technological advancements in video format. YouTube is the second-largest searched platform for information related to products after Google. The rise of mobile devices and social media has also stoked the consumption of content through videos. In near future, there will be an increase in video-based product promotion for e-commerce businesses.

8. Content marketing - As someone rightly said ‘Content is the King’. The demand for content marketing will be on the rise for e-commerce websites and mobile applications due to its ability to engage shoppers more efficiently. A creatively developed content can open many otherwise inaccessible doors for your business. Good content can be developed using many different formats depending on the need such as a blog, a video, an image, a gif, etc. Innovative content marketing tactics will differentiate your business from the crowd. Understand and utilize this tool for not only sales but to build your brand and create thought leadership among your potential and existing customers

The ever-evolving landscape of the e-commerce world requires continuous and rigorous efforts to be in the business race. The trends in the e-commerce space will keep on emerging and dying, as an efficient business, one needs to keep a sharp eye to identify and focus on the trends that can make a difference. Not all trends will directly contribute to sales, some will help you create a positive customer experience. But one thing is sure, the e-commerce space is going to be the dominating area in the strategy of businesses that are building for the future.