10 Ways to Generate Leads for Small Businesses

10 Ways to Generate Leads for Small Businesses

10-Ways-To-Generate-Leads-For-Small-Businesses You talk to any business today irrespective of the industry, their number one goal is to generate leads. More the number of leads more will be the conversion ratio and ultimately the sales. It is simple math and does not require you to be a strategist to decode it.

Digital marketing offers newer & quicker ways to reach out to your potential customers. , Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, and Email Marketing offer a lot more cost-efficient ways to generate leads. Some businesses go out and spend on lead generation campaigns without drawing the cost-per-lead metric. While others scout and rely only on the free lead generation tools. We endorse a balanced combination of free and paid activities for quality lead generation for your business. Always keep in mind, whether free or paid, the leads generated must be qualified enough else the entire time & effort will be lost. And it is a cost to the business. Remember, your competitors are also putting efforts and money to attract qualified leads, hence it is all the more important to be very clear and quick to identify the right ways of lead generation.

Top Ideas for Lead Generation

1. Local SEO – Creating a website is not enough, it must appear in the google search result pages. Optimizing it to appear and display correctly for search engines in the SERPs is the first step to generate leads. Adding proper Meta titles and descriptions will help you get click-through. Free Google My Business Listing is another tool you must use for local business searches. Register your business on local business pages of the city to increase visibility.

2. Social Media – First step is to identify the right mix of social media that suits your business requirements. You do not need to be present on all the platforms, but where your customers are. Sharing well-thought content on these platforms, will generate the attention of your audience. Plan your social media marketing strategy for lead generation. It is one of the most cost-efficient and effective media to engage with your target audience.

3. Blogging –Let it be a video, image, or an article about a solution that your customer is looking for. We are not advising you to start professional blogging on your website, but the idea is to share content that will help your potential customers to make a decision. Not to forget, it should be SEO-friendly so that it appears in the search results.

4. Email Marketing Email marketing is an economical and powerful tool for small businesses with a tight budget. The traffic coming to your website is a good starting point to collect potential customers’ email ids. You need to offer some free benefits to visitors to encourage them to share their email ids. Start designing and sending meaningful content over emails. It can be a great offer or a newsletter with the latest updates.

5. Discount Offers and Deals - One of the most popular forms of deals offered by businesses these days are for first-time visitors. This tactic will get you good leads and possibly the transaction with the new customers. You will notice that the food delivery apps aggressively apply this strategy. It is a very competitive market and everyone is chasing new customers.

6. Google Paid Search Ads -Search engines have created great options for paid search advertising for businesses. All you need to do is to refine your target audience. This will help you reduce your pay-per-click cost and improve your return on investment.

7. Advertisement on Social Media - As we have discussed at the start of this blog, identify the right mix of Social Media platforms where your audience is present. Begin with setting an advertising budget for the same. Facebook and Instagram advertising is easy and can be started for INR 500 per day. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube also offer a good deal on advertisement nowadays, especially for small businesses.

8. Referral Program - Encouraging existing customers to refer other potential customers and rewarding them can be a good idea to generate fresh leads. The benefit of this method is that you have to pay only when the reference chooses to transact. It can become a strong and sustainable lead generation source for your business.

9. Physical Presence – Supporting your digital marketing efforts with offline activities will add to your lead generation methods. Identify the relevant on-ground events, exhibitions, trade shows, etc., to create engagement opportunities with your potential customers. These are great platforms to build your network and enhance the email database.

10. Well Planned Content – There is nothing better in this world that can get you the attention of your potential customers than great content. Rework your content writing and creation efforts by hiring good content creators. Engage with them regularly and devise a long-term content strategy.

To generate quality leads, you need to adopt innovative and continuous approaches. The continuously changing customer preferences make the lead generation process even more puzzling. To outsmart your competitors, you need to keep your eyes and ears open and should be ready to experiment with newer tactics.